Refund Policy

At Unipolar Technologies Pvt Ltd, we strive to deliver the best-in-class services and solutions to our valued clients. However, in the event of dissatisfaction or unforeseen circumstances, we have a transparent refund policy in place.

1. Service Eligibility:

Refunds are applicable only to services that explicitly offer a refund option or have been mentioned in a specific service agreement.

2. Refund Request:

Clients must submit a refund request in writing, explaining the reason for seeking a refund.

The refund request should be sent to our customer support team at

3. Timeframe for Refund Requests:

Refund requests must be made within 3 days from the date of service delivery.

4. Eligibility for Refund:

Refunds will be considered under the following circumstances:

Failure to deliver the agreed-upon service as per the service agreement.

Service does not meet the specified requirements or functionality.

In case of duplicate or accidental payment.

5. Non-Eligibility for Refund:

Refunds will not be issued for services that have been provided and meet the agreed-upon requirements.

Refunds will not be given for delays in project completion due to factors beyond our control, such as client-provided information delays, third-party involvement, or force majeure events.

6. Processing Refunds:

Once a refund request is received and approved, the refund will be processed within 7 working days.

The refund will be issued using the original payment method, unless agreed upon otherwise.

7. Partial Refunds:

In some cases, a partial refund may be offered based on the portion of the service that was not delivered as per the agreemen

8. Updates to the Refund Policy:

Unipolar Technologies Pvt Ltd reserves the right to amend or update this refund policy at any time. Any changes will be updated on our website.

Contact us

For any queries or concerns regarding our refund policy, please feel free to contact our customer support team at