PowerSMS - SMS Gateway Application

PowerSMS - SMS Gateway application is a mid tier application to provide integration and seamless linking between SMSC and External Applications, with capabilities of not just sending & receiving, but also encrypting & decrypting, encoding & decoding in every format desired by external application.
It is designed in a way to be fully customizable for integration with external applications desired format and conventions. PowerSMS - SMS Gateway is a robust platform that simplifies the process of connecting to one or more application with SMS service provider channel (SMSC/ external GW).

PowerSMS - SMS Gateway enables connection to multiple SMSC and multiple applications simultaneously while providing application based content formatting as well as traffic management.

Solution Feature

The PowerSMS - SMS Gateway is an SMS Service mid layer integration solution that features a fast track to deploying and developing SMS based Push & Pull solutions for external applications. This way external application is not required to adopt technical depth of protocol layers (SMSC/SMPP etc.)
PowerSMS - SMS Gateway is easy-to-integrate, robust and very customizable according to operator/external application requirements.

Feature Listing

  • Supports standard protocols
    • SMS Incoming/Outgoing Gateway
      • SMPP v 3.3, 3.4, 5.0
      • CIMD v 1.37, 2.0
      • GSM AT Interfacing
      • WAP
    • Application Interfacing
      • HTTP (XHTML/XML)
      • XML / SOAP
      • SMTP
      • FTP
      • DB Engines
      • 3rd Party API
  • Text/Binary SMS Sending Support on SMPP and CIMD
  • External Connecting Application Management
    • Full fledged SMS routing per application, Incoming as well as outgoing.
    • Simplified process to add / edit / remove new application.
    • Simplified process to manage quota, load and traffic per application.
    • Application based blacklisting and white-listing for MSISDN / Prefixes.
    • Customized reporting system with distinction between chargeable and non-chargeable transactions.
  • Multiple simultaneous Connections to SMSCs as per whole applications requirement.
  • Heavy-duty transaction system supporting up to 300 TPS bandwidth (inclusive of inbound and outbound transactions.)